The price increase of spandex is 2000 yuan/ton. Feb 03, 2023

In 2022, the chemical fiber industry is faced with such complex situations as repeated global epidemics, complicated geopolitical factors, slow recovery of the world economy, drastic fluctuations in energy and raw material prices, and industrial chain restructuring, which makes the price increase of some commodities appear linkage effect in the first half of 2022.

According to the current market trend, the rise in the past few days is not due to the improvement of the market. Relatively speaking, a good start should be experienced by every raw material. In the case that the market has not yet fully started, polyester has already entered the rising channel. Four-sided elastic fabrics, as a market product in online celebrity, are still the best-selling products in the minds of textile bosses, although their popularity was not good last year.

The increase in cost indicates that the price of spandex yarn will also increase with the increase in cost in the short term. From this point of view, the price increase of spandex yarn has become a foregone conclusion, but because the amount of spandex yarn in textile fabrics is not large, the price increase space will be limited. Apart from the year before last year, the price of spandex yarn has been at a relatively stable price. Assuming that there is no continuous speculation by spandex manufacturers, the price of spandex yarn will remain stable in the later period.

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