In December, the temperature dropped sharply, and the price of natural gas in Europe once rose by over 10%. Dec 02, 2022

As the cold wave may strike, the price of natural gas in Europe will rise, which will test the region's preparation for winter under the condition of limited supply. The futures of TTF natural gas in the Netherlands rose by more than 10% in recent months, reaching the highest level since October 13th. As of press time, the futures rose 9.63% to 160.5 EUR/MWh.

The temperature in Europe is relatively mild in November, but according to the data of Maxar and Marex, the temperature in this region may drop sharply this month, which is expected to be lower than the average level of previous years.

After Russia cut off most of the pipeline gas supply in summer, the cold winter will further affect Europe by the tight supply. LNG helped Europe fill its gas storage, but inventory began to decline. At present, the price of natural gas in Europe is four times the previous level, which has aggravated inflation and damaged the economy.

Europe has been working hard to speed up the construction of infrastructure to receive more LNG, and it is expected that Germany will build its first import terminal this month. However, if Asia also encounters a cold wave, its rising demand will intensify the competition for natural gas in various regions, leading to further higher prices.

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