Advantages of Color Master batch Jun 17, 2022
1. to make the pigment have better dispersibility in the product, the pigment must be refined during the production of masterbatch to improve the dispersibility and coloring power of the pigment. The carrier of the special color masterbatch is the same as the plastic of the product, which has good matching. After heating and melting, the pigment particles can be well dispersed in the plastic of the product.
2. it is conducive to maintaining the chemical stability of the pigment. If the pigment is used directly, the pigment will absorb water and oxidize due to its direct contact with the air during storage and use. After the color masterbatch is made, the quality of the pigment can remain unchanged for a long time because the resin carrier separates the pigment from the air and moisture.
3. ensure the stability of the product color. The masterbatch particles are similar to the resin particles, which is more convenient and accurate in measurement. They will not adhere to the container during mixing, and they are evenly mixed with the resin. Therefore, the stability of the addition amount can be guaranteed, so as to ensure the stability of the product color.
4. the health pigments used to protect the operators are generally powdery, which are easy to fly when added and mixed, and will affect the health of the operators after being inhaled by the human body.
5. keep the environment clean.
6. easy to use
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